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How PillReady Monitored Automated Medication Dispenser Works


PillReady with cover off showing medications

Put the medication into the removable tray, place the tray into the base unit, set the time and alarms for dispensing the medication, place the cover on the unit and use the key to lock it.



The medication will now be distributed at the programmed times. When the light flashes and audio alarm sounds, simply push open the cover to access the medications.



 If a dose is missed, a notification will be sent to the designated caregiver, who can then check on you and make sure you are getting your medications.

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PillReady Monitored Automated Medication Dispenser

Medication management is a growing problem for seniors and at-risk individuals in the United States.

PillReady provides an affordable, easy to use medication management system with seniors in mind.

Clients using our medication dispensers are on average 90% compliant to their doctor’s prescription regimen.

Our systems work because they are easy-to-use and make remembering to take medications a breeze.

Trays are pre-loaded by the caregiver or medical professional and set up to remind the client to take their medication.

When the time comes for them to take their next dose a buzzer will sound, the light will flash the medication cover will close and the dose will rotate into position.